I don't do special orders. It got where that was all I was doing and not getting to experiment and try out new ideas and I love doing that. The other problem was communication. Some people are very hard to communicate with and that is so important in doing custom pieces. In a nutshell, it got to be a headache and that is not why I do this. 
As I work on pieces, I'll occasionally show them on my facebook page "Potteryby Suzi Dennis" after I've painted them. If it is something you want, let me know and I will put your name down for it, but only if you want it. I used to do "first look" but that didn't work out so this is how I do it now and I need to be able to be in touch with you.
After I fire a kiln full of finished pieces I have a Live Video on Facebook. I announce it well ahead of time and several times. On the Live Video I show the pieces and if you want it, comment on the video and I will put you down for it. The comments are time stamped so I know who says what and when. After the video I will send you an invoice for the piece and then invoice you for shipping after it is packaged.
After the Live Video, the Video will stay up for a few days so if you miss it live you can catch it later, just be aware what you want may be gone. It's a lot like an Art Fair. Whoever gets there first has the first choice.
After all is done with that, I put what is left here on my website for you to look at and purchase right there. Hope this explains things.

My prices vary for many of my pieces but I have some pieces that are standard:
12-14oz mugs $55
16oz mugs $65
Dinner Plates $70
Pasta Plates/Bowls $80
Luncheon Plates $60
Salt/Pepper shaker sets $47
Spoonrests $28
Butter Dishes $70
Goblets $60

Please let me know if you have any questions.
email me at