Suzi Dennis began painting at an early age, but gave it up for twenty-five years to raise a family. In 1987, she picked up a brush again and took up watercolors. Several years after the return to painting, she began exploring the world of mixed media artwork. 

Never boring , Suzi’s popular artwork is colorful and whimsical and always appealing to the viewer.  From 1987 until 2017, Suzi explored all kinds of painting media and journal making, selling her work at art fairs across the county. In January 2017 she discovered the world of pottery and has not looked back. "For me, pottery has become a new canvas where I can continue to create the images in my head but in a way they can be used and enjoyed".

Suzi and her husband, John, still do 1 art fair a year, the Arkansas Craft Guild Christmas Showcase the first weekend in Dec. in Little Rock, Ar. This is a time to greet her continuing customers and make new ones. Her main sales come from online orders.

A native Arkansan from El Dorado, Suzi and husband John have lived on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs for many years. Suzi says, “God has given me the gift of seeing ordinary things in a different light and I celebrate God’s gift of Life through my art and if it touches your heart and also happens to match the couch, great !”

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