live video



Hello everyone!
Just a little information for you about how I conduct a LIVE VIDEO on facebook.

A couple of years ago I discovered that I needed a way for you to "see" my pottery better and photos were just not getting it, so I tried out a live video and it has caught on and is now my way of showing my new pieces.
When I empty a kiln full of new pieces, I then have a live video in the next day or two. I advertise it well ahead of time on my facebook page Potteryby Suzi Dennis.
On that day and time you will receive a notification that I am on live. You then join me and off we go. (NOTE: If you want to see the pieces before they go to live video you need to sign up for my Email List.
The way it works is this. 
* Each piece will have a number
* If you see something you want then comment in the comment section with that number. After the video is over I check the time stamps and post on my facebook page who got what. If two people have the same time stamp it will go to the first name that appears.
* After the video is over I will invoice you by email for the piece plus tax and shipping. Most of the time I know the shipping but if there are several items I will have to invoice you for the shipping when ready. If you are new to ordering online from me it is VERY IMPORTANT that you send me an email to so I will have your email to invoice you. If you are on my email list I will have it.
*If you have not responded to the invoice by the end of day, it will be back available for others.

The Video stays up for several days afterward so If you can't get in on the live video, be sure to check it out and see if there is anything you want. I'll let you know if it is still available.

Hope this is clear but if not, email me or contact me on facebook with questions.

LOOKING forward to the next Live Video!!

Thanks! Suzi